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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Why can I only download half pictures?
    To discourage professional image thieves I have split my pictures into two halves each. If you want to download the whole picture, I recommend downloading both halves and reassembling them using a program like Adobe Photoshop, Corel Photopaint or something similar. Just please don't post the reassembled pictures anywhere.
  • How can I find a fetish partner (girl/boy)?
    I really cannot help you with this. You will have to make your own contacts. Just one advice: Be open about your fetish and you will have a better chance of meeting the right partner.
  • What is L.A.TEX?
    L.A.TEX is an alias for fetish photographer Alexander Horn. L.A.TEX is no company and there is no printed magazine or anything else... if you want to know more about the "why" and "how", then read MyWorld.
  • How can I get in contact with your models?
    You cannot get in contact with my models because they do not want to be contacted.
  • I want to model for you!
    I am not looking for any male models whatsoever, including crossdressers and transvestites. Sorry.
    If you are (natural born) female and want to model for me, you should be between 18 and 35 years of age, fit into a size S latex catsuit and don't mind being bound, gagged and/or wear restrictive clothing. If you are also willing to travel to Bremen, Germany on your own expenses, agree (in writing) to your pictures being shown publicly on the internet and realize you will not get paid then please contact me by email, possibly with a link to a picture of yourself.
  • How can I get in contact with people on the Friends-Page (on LatexNews.com) ?
    If people on the Friends-page want to be contacted, their email address is included with their pictures. If there is no email-address, you cannot get in contact with them.
  • Do you have other pix than the ones on your website?
    Of course I do, but I do not trade them. They are not for publication. Do not ask me for them, you will get no reply.
  • When will a video be available?
    You can find some of our videoclips at Clips4Sale.
  • Where can I get latex clothes?
    Look at my links list. You will find all important retailers and mail-order companies there.
  • Why does my browser crash when accessing a certain website from your links list?
    You probably have a compatibility problem with your browser or certain applets used on that site. Try contacting that site's webmaster for more help.
  • Why is your website so slow?
    This webserver is in one of the highest bandwith facilities in the world. At some times, very high traffic may slow the site or your connection to it.
  • I cannot play the videoclips.
    Some clips are in MPEG4-format, others in DIVX format. Try to install the most current version of the appropriate videoplayer on your system.
  • Do you exchange Links?
    No, I do not exchange links. More details here

    If you have any other questions, statements or comments,
    please feel free to email me.