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Hi, I am Alexander Horn, this is my website and I am the person who made the photographs that are featured here.
This is the "behind the scenes" page of this website and shows you how my little world works and who the people are, that make it possible.
First I have to mention the people who make all of this possible:
This website would not be here without the participation of the lovely girls you see on my pictures. They dress from head to toe in shiny latex, get put in strange rubber outfits, are being inflated, gagged, blindfolded, tied up or vacuumsealed and they endure all this for hours while I take pictures. Sometimes they freeze, sometimes they sweat under their latex but they rarely ever complain:
About me & this website:
My fetish history
I was born in Germany in 1968. When I grew up, I discovered the fascination of shiny materials. My first conscious encounter with them was a picture of a latex bathing suit in a magazine. After a while I started to experiment with plastic, leather and cheap rubber clothes from sex shops but was not very satisfied with that. The cheap and ugly little rubber magazines I found in those sex shops were not very helpful either.
Finally in 1987 when I was on a trip to San Francisco and had almost given up hope, I discovered my first quality latex wear. I instantly bought myself an entire outfit, leggings, T-shirt and jacket. Throughout the following years, my collection of rubber clothes has expanded significantly, now including designs by some of the worlds most famous latex designers and labels, including DeMASK, House of Harlot, SkinTwo, Ralf Fischer, Slinkyskin and many others...
Why make such a website?
The original idea was to make the kind of fetish website that I was looking for when surfing the net, but that I could never find. A website that has tasteful erotic but not pornographic fetish images, a website that has original images and not just a bunch of pictures scanned out of magazines or taken from other websites or newsgroups. In a way what I was looking for was a website that you could show to friends that are not into fetishism and they would still think it's nice and maybe even understand why you (or I) liked latex-clothing.
Another point is that I do not think that fetishists deserve to get ripped off. Often enough, people are paying for access to sites that end up being rather disappointing. Do not get me wrong: There are fetish websites worth paying for, but the problem is: You never know until you have already paid. A suggestion for webmasters of commercial "pay-for access" sites: Always have a free-zone that gives people an idea of what is on the site and make sure there is really a lot of additional material in the "members" zone. Also make sure it is updated regularly, people don't like to pay for access to a website that is only updated once a year...
I have set myself a few rules to make sure the goals above are met:
  • This website shows no nudity.
  • Images are either completely self-made or have been given to me for publication by their authors.
  • All actions of bondage depicted or described in the texts have been executed by and between consenting adults.
  • All models shown are of legal adult age.
  • Access to the website is free.
  • The links on the links page are all sites that I have personally accessed and found interesting for fetishists.
  • A little history of the L.A.TEX website:
    December 1995 The L.A.TEX Website goes online on an AOL server. No cover page yet.
    November 1996 The website has it's first cover-page.
    May 1997 The website moves to it's own server and it's own URL: www.L-A-TEX.com
    December 1997 The website now has about 1500 individual visitors each day, making it one of the busiest fetish websites.
    May 1999 The amount of visitors/day has risen to 2500 with about 60.000 hits/day.
    The server is at the edge of its capacity.
    June 1999 Parts of this website are moved to a second server:
    The new "LatexNews.com" server quickly reaches 30.000 hits/day with an average bandwith of 3 GB/day.
    October 1999 Together, L-A-TEX.com and Latexnews.com reach 100.000 hits/day.
    October 2000 The "Latexnews.com" server has been disabled by it's hosting company Xeran Corp. without any warning, notice, reason or refund. This might be connected to the large actual bandwith usage in this "unlimited bandwith" account. (Despite what some hosting companies offer, we learned that actually there is no such thing as "unlimited bandwith".)
    December 2000 After having been ripped off by yet another hosting company in the meantime, a new "LatexNews.com" server is now online, hosted by Verio, who have already been hosting "L-A-TEX.com" for quite a while now. They are not the cheapest hosting company around, but seem to be very reliable and professional.
    Our videoclips - previously located on the LatexNews server - have been transferred to the server of our friends at Slinkyskin.com, thanks to their generous donation of diskspace and bandwith.
    April 2001 To cope with the ever increasing traffic, the german language version of this website has now moved to it's own server at www.L-A-TEX.de
    December 2001 Parts of the english language website have also been moved to the L-A-TEX.de server in Germany.
    October 2003 A second german server "l-a-tex.com" provides desperately needed additional bandwith.
    December 2003 "LatexNews.com" moves to a new provider. (Internetforall)